The Mince Difference

Millions of people in this world love mince and there is a debate that has gone on down through time- what meat makes the best mince?

This meat mixture can be made from sheep, beef, venison, chicken or pork. Every mince lover has their own preference and each will spend time and energy to tell you why their preference is the right one for everyone, but the most popular choices worldwide seem to be sheep mince and beef mince. Both are red meat.

So, of the two most popular options, which one is best? Many people will state beef, as it is found in thousands of recipes but, the best meat for mince to use in our opinion is sheep meat mince. It is healthier and tastier, too. Let us explain why:

Healthier Fat Content


Sheep and beef have about the same amount of fat content. The difference comes in the type of fat that they both contain. Beef is known for its unhealthy saturated fats. Sheep, on the other hand, contains just as many monounsaturated fats as saturated. Monounsaturated fats are healthy fats and are needed to keep our bodies in good condition.

These fats do not cook out of the meat as the saturated fat does. The healthy fats stay in to benefit your overall health by targeting belly fat in the body and aid to your heart. Many of the saturated fats sizzle out in the cooking process. You can cut them down even further by having the fat trimmed off the meat before you purchase it.

If you are buying prepackaged mince, look for a label that says that it contains less than 10% fat. Because a lot of the saturated fat cooks out it leaves more meat for your mince per pound than beef will provide.

High Protein


Though beef and sheep contain about the same amount of protein, sheep meat is comprised of a higher count of healthier proteins than beef. Sheep meat is mainly composed of protein, not fat. It contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs to maintain great health.

This is especially so regarding muscle building and the repair of torn or stressed muscles. Because of the amino acids and the multiple vitamins and minerals that Sheep meat provides it is known as a high-quality protein.

Sheep contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Though sheep and beef both contain the same amount of many of the same vitamins and minerals, Sheep meat does contain both vitamins D and K that beef does not offer. In fact, it provides 41% of the daily intake for vitamin B making it a better choice for all around health standards than its beef counterpart.

Sheep is known as a better protein alternative due to the way it is raised and the diet it is given in the pasture. It is raised mainly on a grass-fed diet and healthier options are given to it than is given to beef in the meat industry. It is known as a better-quality meat as it is not processed and reared in confined factory-like environments as is beef.

Grass fed animals produce a higher-quality meat for consumption. Sheep must graze over grasslands which slow their production and makes for bad tasting meat if they are mass produced like cattle. For this reason, more attention is paid to how the they are raised and what they are fed as the direct result shows in their quality of meat.

When Buying Sheep Mince


You may have some freshly ground with the fat trimmed or you can purchase prepackaged mince. Look for a mince that has less than 10% total fat. Although a good tasting mince will contain about 20% fat. This grade offers you a tasty mince and a wonderful source of protein.

If you are watching your weight or trying to lose, or if you are cooking a meal that will have plenty of fats from other components such as a pasta dish or casserole, then you will want to choose the lower fat variety. Minced meats are an exceptional source of easily digestible proteins.

Sheep mince also contains a wonderful source of iron, which aids concentration and reduces fatigue. It is simply an exceptional choice for mince in your favourite recipes.

You can substitute it in for other minces and make your recipes that much healthier. Sheep meat is the protein that gives back in nutrition and healthy boosts to muscles and overall health.