Why You Should Buy Meat from a Butcher

Getting your meat is pretty much an easy task – you can simply walk into any supermarket or shopping mall and get nice looking cuts at great prices. But should you be doing that? Is it really the best way to get your meat?

The truth is that the pre-sliced, packaged and frozen meat can be good and cheap, but they are not just the best quality of meat to eat.

They may be good enough, but a fresh cut from the butcher is always better than a packaged meat from the best supermarket. The quality of the meat is just one of many other reasons why you should consider getting your meat from a reputable butcher.

We will consider some of the most important reasons why you should choose meat from the butcher's shop over meat from shopping malls or supermarkets.

Fresh Quality Meat Cuts


This is the most remarkable difference between a butcher’s shop and a shopping mall. At the butcher’s, you are certain that the meat you are buying is recently cut. It is almost impossible to buy meat that has stayed up to 24 hours after dressing in a butchers shop.

In shopping malls, however, there are meats that have been prepackaged and frozen for so long and no matter how nice they look, the freshness is long gone.

To get the freshest of meat, visit your local butcher rather than your local shopping mall or supermarket.

Additives Free Range Quality

A butcher slaughters and cuts up a whole sheep, so you can get just about anything you want. This is not the case with shopping malls - there are certain cuts you will hardly see in a supermarket.

The quality of the cuts is another thing that should make you buy from a local butcher. The different cuts in a supermarket may have been treated with some preservatives, and too much freezing can also compromise the quality of the meat.

With a butcher, you get different parts of meat freshly cut and ready for the pot.

You Know Where the Meat is Coming From

Are you ever bothered about where the meat you are buying is sourced from and how the animal was raised and treated?

In supermarkets and grocery stores, you can never obtain this information. But if you get your meat cut from a butcher shop, you can inquire about where the animal was sourced and how it was raised. Normally, butchers buy from local farms where animals are raised naturally and treated nicely during their lifetime.

If you have time, you can even visit the farm to be certain of how the animals you will be eating their meats are treated.

A butcher is also skilled in the art of slaughtering and dressing animals so you can be sure that your meat is of the best possible quality unlike in the commercial processing of the meat for shopping malls and other retail stores.

You Get the Cut You Want


In grocery stores, some chops are just not recognizable and you can be given leg cuts when you are actually trying to get shoulder cuts.

This is major because they all look alike when they are cut up and it is almost impossible to be sure of the cut you are getting.

In a butcher’s shop, however, you can get exactly what you want. You can even watch as the butcher cut up the pieces into the sizes you want so that you have the perfect cuts for the perfect recipe.

Butchers Experience

This is another area where there is a huge difference between the experience you get in a butcher’s shop and the one you get in a grocery or supermarket.

A butcher has a great understanding of meat from years of experience slaughtering, dressing, cutting, and even cooking meat, in most cases. Attendants in a supermarket, on the other hand, hardly know a thing about meats.

This means that in a butcher’s shop, you can learn a lot of new things. They generally know which cut is best for each recipe and can give you any help you need in making the right choice while buying your meat.

Sheep meat is a great meat that always makes great dishes when prepared the right way, but a lot will also depend on where you buy your meat.

Buying from a butcher improves the overall experience from the time of purchase to the time of dining.