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Why You Should Buy Meat from a Butcher

Meat from a supermarket but a fresh cut from the butcher is always better than a packaged meat from the best supermarket. The quality of the meat is just one of many other reasons why you should consider getting your meat from a butcher. Here are some most important reasons why you should choose meat from the butcher's shop over meat from shopping malls or supermarkets...

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How Sausages are Made

There are several reasons you may want to make sausages. Even if you are not a serious sausage lover, variety is always a good thing and sausage can be a great way to enjoy meat. If you are curious here is what you need to know about making sausages...

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Cooking the Perfect Mutton Chops

Mutton is the perfect meat for a perfect dish. There are different cuts from which you can choose from. With little effort, anyone can prepare an elegant lamb dish, but to offer some help, we will consider some simple instructions that can guide you to cook the perfect mutton chop on the stovetop, and in the oven...

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Things to Avoid When Cooking
Sheep Meat

Sheep meat is a great source of protein and remains a staple meat in the diet of many individuals. To help you with the perfect mutton dish, we are going to consider three steps people normally recommend in cooking sheep meat that you have to avoid. This is simply aimed at making sure that you enjoy a dish that is tasty, nutritious, and healthy...

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Health Benefits of Bone Broth

For centuries, kitchens across the world have been preparing food that are said to have immense health benefits. One of such is bone broth. This simple global elixir, which recently started trending again is timeless, exceptional, and absolutely amazing. Its health benefits are quite numerous and extensive. Here are some of the health benefits of bone broth and why you must drink it everyday...

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A Simple Guide on How to Thaw Meat

There are different ways you can thaw meat, but you just have to get it right. If your meat is improperly thawed, there are chances that you and your family members can be exposed to food poisoning as harmful bacteria can easily grow on your meat. Here are some ways you can safely thaw your meat....

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Merino Sheep Supplier: Why Merino Meat Is Better

Merino meat is also known as the South African Meat Merino (SAMM), the Merino is a meat and wool sheep that was introduced into South Africa in the 1930s from Germany. Merino meat is not very much different from meats of other breeds, but there are differences all the same. However minute the factors are, Merino meat is better than others in some ways that we can consider below...

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Why Restaurants Need To Partner with the Right Meat Supplier

Meat is one of the most necessary ingredients a restaurant must have as the demand for animal protein continues to grow. People are getting more concious about the quality of meat being served at the restaurants. Getting the right quality of sheep meat for your restaurant consistently at the right price may prove challenging. Here are some of the major reasons why restaurants need to partner with the right meat supplier to deliver the best quality of meat dishes...

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Important Traits of an Efficient Butcher

The traits of a butcher are very important and can mean the difference between a great piece of meat and a contaminated one. It can also mean the difference between choosing the right portion of the right recipe. When buying meat it is important to know the butcher and the quality of meat you are buying. Here are a few traits of an efficient butcher you can trust...

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The Difference Between
Organic Meat and Normal Meat

We have all heard that organic meat is better for us. Information abounds on the benefits of eating organic meat and the dangers of regular meat. But what exactly is organic meat and how does it differ from the non-organic varieties of nutrients, texture and taste? We know that organic meat can be more expensive but is that the main difference...

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The Health Benefits of Sheep Meat

Sheep meat provides many benefits to a healthy diet. For those of us trying to improve our health or trying to stay on top of our game, sheep meat proves to be a cut above other protein options for the boost of nutrition it offers and the wonderful benefits it offers to the human body. Here are are some amazing sheep meat benefits to consider...

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Sheep Meat Guide

Sheep meat is a highly versatile and popular protein prepared and cooked the world over for its exceptional taste and texture. These variances are important to know when purchasing sheep meat as each will help to decide what you want to buy different recipes. Here is what we recommend...

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Festive Mutton Recipe

This is a beautiful twist on the traditional roast. Mutton is fabulous when simmered in beer or dark ale. This dish is perfect for a cosy supper on a festive night or any night of the year. Serve with potatoes of your choice and vegetables on the side, or with any other favourite holiday recipes...

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Merino Sheep Facts and Information

From ancient lands to modern genetics, Merino sheep have been highly prized for over a thousand years. These animals are diverse and reside in all manner of climates and on various continents. They produce the finest wool on the planet and have intrigued us down through history. Let us introduce them to you....

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Sheep Meat Cuts for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant and want to begin serving sheep meat but do not know the first thing about the cuts that eateries usually serve, this article is for you. There are certain cuts great for certain dishes. Let us explain a few of these cuts and what they are used for in restaurant cuisine. Here is a guide to most popular meat cut choices that are suitable for restaurants...

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How to Tell If Meat Is Good Quality or Not

Looking at the meat at the butcher counter, we have a lot of questions buzzing in our heads. Is that particular cut of meat a good one? How do I know if I am buying a good quality meat? Here are some tips to tell if the meat you are purchasing is of good quality or not...

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The Difference Between
Normal Sheep and Merino Sheep

In South Africa, a popular breed is the Merino. These sheep can also be bred in various climates. The Merino is known as the oldest sheep breed in the world and it is one of the highest prized sheep breeds on the planet. What makes them different from other breeds? Let us explain...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid
When Cooking Meat

We have all made mistakes in the kitchen. It takes finesse to cook a delicious meal.We have come up with the top five most common mistakes cooks make while cooking meat. See if you have made any of these and find ways how you can avoid them.

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Finding the Right Meat Supplier
for a Restaurant

Finding a meat supplier for your restaurant can be tricky. You want a reliable supplier. You want fresh, quality cuts and you want them at a great price. Your food is your reputation. Here are a few tips on things to look for to find the right supplier for you to keep you in fresh meat for your restaurant...

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Spicy Durban Mutton Curry Recipe

Durban curry is a traditional South African Indian dish. It is hot and spicy and filled with delicious seasoning from the first bite to the last. It is also wonderful on a cold winter’s night.  Known to be hot and spicy, this curry dish does not disappoint and will warm the cockles of any heart plus scorch a few taste buds...

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What are Sheep Abattoirs and How to Find a Good One

What exactly is a sheep abattoir? That is a popular question and one that is easily answered. An abattoir is another term for a slaughterhouse that processes lamb, sheep, mutton, and hogget. These processing houses only provide meat for human consumption. They must adhere to rigid regulations that ensure the meat is prepared as humanely as possible...

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Amazing Mutton Shawarma Recipe

Mutton Shawarma is a fun recipe and just as amazing as the name implies. No matter what you call it, this dish has it all in taste and satisfaction. It is fantastic. It is healthy and it is portable. It is traditional and it is trendy. Shawarma gives a new vibe to traditional lunchtime favourites. It takes on many tastes and textures as different ingredients and flavour combinations are explored...

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Honey Glazed Leg Recipe

Leg of sheep roasts is a popular choice for family get-togethers and holiday celebrations. It is known as a large piece of meat that can feed many people. If you are a leg of sheep meat fan, then chances are you have your own tried and true recipe. If not, or if you are looking for a new taste sensation, why not try this recipe...

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Cooking the Perfect Roast

A beautifully roasted leg of sheep is a crowd pleaser! It makes the holidays perfect and creates such a feeling of love and celebration for family and friends. Lamb can be a bit tricky, though. There are “need to know” tips to get your leg of sheep just right. The way you cook it can be hit or miss...

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How Healthy is Sheep Meat?

Sheep has been a staple for centuries in many households worldwide. It has been a popular protein in countless dishes. It is touted as a healthy red meat alternative to other red meats yet has set on a controversial plate when it comes to its health benefits due to a lack of understanding...

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Super Delish and Warm Potjie

A potjie feast with family and friends is the perfect way to end the day. It is simple, traditional and hearty! The term potjie means “little pot”. Many like to add the word “food” at the end to turn “potjie” into “Potjiekos”. Try our Mutton and Vegetable Potjie...

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The Mince Difference

Millions of people in this world love mince and there is a debate that has gone on down through time- what meat makes the best mince? If you are struggling to choose the best meat for your mince then this atricle is for you. Here's what makes the best mince...

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Rogan Josh Meatballs

Everyone enjoys a great meatball recipe and this one is at the top of our favourites for the delicious taste and healthy ingredients. This dish is safe for kids and will quickly become one of their favourites. It will blend in perfectly with other international food favourites and will secretly become one of your best culinary dishes...

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Mutton and Apricot
Slow Cooker Tagine

For a quick slow cooker mutton dish try a tasty mutton and apricot tagine! This cooking style is steeped in Moroccan history and makes a lovely meal for any night of the week. This beautiful stew is gorgeous for fall and winter. It is quick to make and it fills the house with a delicious aroma for hours as it cooks...

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What is a Sheep Abattoir

A sheep abattoir is a slaughterhouse that processes the animals into sheep, sheep, mutton, and hogget meat pieces. Abattoir’s only process meat for human consumption. Strict regulations are enforced to ensure that the meat is processed as humanely as possible and to keep a tight rein on health concerns so the meat remains as contaminate free as possible...

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Mutton Keema Recipe

It’s the middle of the week and you have a family to feed with very little time to do so. You can grab fast-food which is loaded with unhealthy chemicals or you can make a very nutritious and healthy meal right in your own kitchen, in no time at all. Mutton Keema is such a meal. Mutton Keema is a delicious curry dish that is simple and easy to make. It is also a quick dish to prepare to make it perfect for dinner anytime...

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Mutton Korma Recipe

Mutton Korma is an exciting dish from Pakistan and India. This traditional food is made from mutton and holds a taste unlike any other that you will ever try. If you like food with some spicy heat then you will love this Korma! Each bite is delightful. It is also guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser whenever you serve it. You can make it as spicy hot as you like or go for a tamer version....

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Mutton and Chickpea Curry Recipe

Curry dishes are among some of the most delicious foods that you will taste in the world. Their unique blend of spices and herbs makes them not only tantalising but also nutritious. Curry generally refers to dishes that are prepared in a sauce. This spicy dish originated in the southern states of India and has spread now to become a global trend in food and comfort...

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Mutton Biryani Recipe

A fantastic mutton recipe to try this Winter is Mutton Biryani. The recipe below provides a powerful, and tasty family meal that is just so delicious and so warm and welcoming. Mutton Biryani is loaded with natural ingredients that fill the plate with goodness...

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Easy Mutton Pie Recipe

It is winter! The weather is turning cooler and we are looking for warm and delicious dishes to prepare. Casseroles and pies are the perfect suggestion to curb those winter time doldrums. They help us deal with the cooler temperatures outside and bring about inward feelings of love and comfort...

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Making a Perfect Mutton Bunny Chow

Now Bunny Chow is a delicious and popular South African fast food phenomenon. It is amazing and fun to eat. Serve it at backyard parties, for a family dinner or for a meal on the go. It is full of versatility and ingenuity and creates the perfect combination of spice, meat, sauce, and sass...

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Butcher

We have compiled a list of criteria that we think is important when choosing the right butcher. It's a sure-fire guide to know if your local butcher is operating correctly. Use this list to pick the right butcher for you to provide the healthiest meats to feed your family...

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Luscious Grilled Sheep Salad

The sheep salad we have chosen to highlight in this article combines the two best flavours of green salad and the braai. It is a colourful celebration of summer combining spicy and subtle flavours, heat and chilled components to create the perfect dish for the season...

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Hearty Mutton Stew

There is nothing more satisfying to the senses than a hearty stew. It’s one of the best comfort foods. Filling the house with savoury scent, it promises a meal to satisfy even those with the pickiest of appetites. It is a meal perfect for a cold and stormy day as well as any night of the year...

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Indian Mutton Curry Recipe

This dish is thoroughly delicious and packs a wallop of Indian spice. In this curry recipe, your mutton is slow cooked to deliciousness, offering tender chunks of meat in a delicious oniony gravy. Perfect for dinner any time of the week...

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A Guide To Wine Pairings With Lamb Meat

Are you stumped as to which wine would be appropriate to pair with your succulent menu choice? Try one of these options listed below. We have paired wine choices with how you intend to cook your meat to help you even further in your search for the perfect wine for your succulent dinner...

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Guide To Dry And Moist Heat
Cooking Methods

Meat recipes abound everywhere; however, while sifting through these delicious recipes, you can narrow the meat cooking methods down to two basic groups. They are the Dry Heat Method and the Moist Heat Method. Both bring out a distinctive flavour in your meat. The method that you use will depend on your meat cut and what you intend to do with it...

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Insanely Tasty Burger Recipe

Thinking about serving burgers for dinner tomorrow? Why not try lamb burgers, instead? These burgers are crowd pleasers without a doubt.
These meat patties are super easy to make and grill. Have a restaurant quality meal in just a few minutes with hardly any prep time! Create a burger that your family will ask for again and again...

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Food Saftety Tips When Dealing with Meat

If it is not handled safely in the kitchen, meat can become contaminated with bacteria that can make us very sick if consumed. Meat safety is extremely important and there are rules to follow to handle it properly. Keep these tips in mind as you store and cook your meat. Knowledge is a powerful thing and in the case of meat preparation, it can mean the difference between sickness and health...

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Zesty Finger-licking Chops

This delicious recipe is super easy and massively flavourful bringing out the distinct flavours in the meat. It is also packed with zesty kick! It will go with nearly any side dish and provides a wonderful, easy, and tasty meat that is quick to prepare. Try it today...

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Amazing Sheep Recipes for the Weekend

Sheep is simply delicious. It is a versatile meat and can be fixed in various ways, each one more flavorful than the last. It is lovely to grill and sear your meat and even roast it in the oven, but there are also other tantalising recipes to try and savour. Try one of these recipes this week to add some spice to your meat...

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Interesting Sheep Facts

Sheep are fascinating creatures. They are the quintessential farm animal and are docile and easy going, but what else do we know? Below are some interesting facts about them that should shed a new light on these little fluffy animals and the importance they bring not only to our food chain but also to the world...

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Mouth-Watering Braised Shank Recipe

Finding a recipe to cook this wonderful cut is very easy. Cookbooks are full of shank recipes and every neighbour seems to have their own favourite recipe. Each and every recipe you find is full of flavour and texture, bringing you perfectly cooked shank to grace your table any night of the week. However, one recipe stands out above the others. This recipe provides a mouth-watering taste sensation that will impress even the toughest critic within your family....

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5 Delicious Marinades for the Perfect Chops

Make your chops irresistibly delicious with these amazing chop marinades. We have chosen five marinades to spotlight here. Each one gives the meat a different taste and vibe. For our meat lovers out there, these marinades are for you. For those of you who want to try something new, whip up one of these marinades for your taste exploration with the meat. Guaranteed, once you try it you will want to cook it again and again...

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Muttlam - Meat Cuts

We have put together a list of cuts that Muttlam proudly offers you and we will endeavour to give you a practical guide to their individual information, and also some great cooking tips for each cut. Ready? Let’s go to our meat counter...

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Superfood - Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of those obscure natural remedies and health boosters that has been around since the beginning of time and yet remains unknown to most of the population. Traditional cooks and chefs of fine cuisine use bone broth on a regular basis. Bone broth is packed full of nutrients to improve health and to help sustain a healthy lifestyle....

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Ways to Thaw Meat Safely

Thawing meat is always a concern. If our meat is not thawed safely then it can run the risk of spoiling and causing serious health risks and illnesses. We have compiled all needed information here for a one-stop guide to meat thawing. It is quite easy to do. All it needs is a little knowledge and know-how...

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How to Easily Tenderize Your Meat

How important is it to have tender meat? Tough meat can kill the most appetizing meal. It is a common misconception that the cheaper the cut of meat the tougher it will be when cooked. In reality, even the most expensive cuts can end up as tough as leather if improperly tenderized....

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Ultimate Braaing Tips and Tricks

There is nothing more succulent than the aroma grilling meat! Dinner on the braai sets excitement in the soul and starts our mouths to salivating in anticipation. Braaing is a tradition nearly as old as time, passed down and perfected through the generations...

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A Guide to Sheep Cuts

Sheep is rich in high-quality protein and offers a wonderful inventory of vitamins and minerals per serving including vitamin B12, Iron, and Zinc! Here is an ultimate guide to sheep cuts to help you understand how to make the best out of your meat! Perfect for braais or cooking at home.....

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