Things to Avoid When Cooking
Sheep Meat

Sheep meat is a great source of protein and remains a staple meat in the diet of many individuals. For some people, it is absolutely the best red meat and they can’t do without them.

As much as they are great meat, you will have to be very careful with their preparation if you want to enjoy the experience. Well-cooked meat is full of flavour, juicy and quite enjoyable.

Many consider it as a meat that is easy to cook, but a lot can go wrong and compromise the quality of meat if you are not careful. For a start, there are several ways to cook sheep meat.

Braiing involves slow cooking with dry heat, roasting is a faster way to cook with dry heat, while grilling involves cooking on a grate over hot coals or other heat sources.

Sheep can also be cooked in a stew and enjoyed with other foods.

To help you with the perfect mutton dish, we are going to consider three steps people normally recommend in cooking sheep meat that you have to avoid. This is simply aimed at making sure that you enjoy a dish that is tasty, nutritious, and healthy.

Avoid Quick Thawing


Generally, you are expected to thaw your meat before cooking. There are three ways to thaw and the quick one involves the use of a microwave to defrost the meat.

To do this, you have to unwrap your meat and place it in a plate that is microwave-safe; set the appliance at the defrost level or 50% if it lacks such feature; check the meat regularly to ensure that some part doesn’t start cooking and then when it is completely thawed, cook immediately to avoid spoilage.

This may sound like a great idea when you forget to thaw your meat and want to cook it almost immediately, but we highly recommend that you avoid such method of thawing meat.

The major disadvantage of this method of thawing is that it can lead to the cooking of the meat even when all you are trying to do is to get it ready to cook.

This makes it hugely unreliable and a bad step in the preparation of meat. You should always thaw your meat by the refrigeration method or the cold water method.

Avoid Brining


There are several instances where people have recommended brining as a way of dealing with the toughness of a meat. This process of soaking meat in a salt solution for some time in order to improve tenderness is actually unnecessary.

For a start, sheep meat is a tender meat that doesn’t need such treatment in order to be succulent after cooking. There are also a lot of things that can go wrong with soaking meat in salted water; it can become too salty when you finally cook it.

The process can also expose the meat to some harmful organisms that will cause you and your loved ones that share your dish some problems. It doesn’t need brining at all and you must try to avoid it. The meat from young sheep is tender in nature, but if you intend to make it even more tender, you can marinate appropriately and cook well to obtain the level of tenderness you desire in a meat.

Marinating too Long


Marinating your meat has a lot of advantages. It tenderizes the meat and gives it a deeper flavour that will reduce the gaminess and let you enjoy it the way you want.

When you marinate for so long, however, you risk compromising the quality of your meat. Marinades generally contain salt and acids, and if you let your meat stay in them for so long, they will make the meat mealy and mushy.

This happens because acids and salts break down the protein in the meat. If this continues for a long time, the texture of the meat can equally be compromised.

Instead of marinating for so long, you can obtain natural flavour for your meat by sparingly using some spices and fresh herbs like garlic, rosemary, thyme, and others.

If you must use marinades, make sure they are not too acidic or salty and keep your eye on the clock to avoid undermining the quality of the meat.

Sheep meat is a great red meat that is relatively easy to cook. There are several little steps that will be taken to turn your frozen meat from a lump of flesh to a delicious cuisine.

Some of the steps recommended by many may not be the best thing to do and we have highlighted three that you must avoid in order to obtain that great sheep meat dish.